M48 Custom Rifle ( Left Handed )

M48 Custom Rifle ( Left Handed )
Brand: Nosler
Product Code: M48 Custom
Availability: 7 to 8 mths
Price: $3,245.00

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** Color options below only availible with Kevlar/Carbon Fiber STOCK option selected (above).

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** Length of pull options are only availible with Kevlar/Carbon Fiber STOCK option selected.

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Top of the line performance matched with all-weather features like the Cerakote™ metal finish and Nosler C2™ stock treatment make the Model 48 Custom the premier expedition rifle for any condition. Personalize your rifle by engraving your name on the barrel, or choose your stock and metal color to suit your taste. Add a muzzle-brake if recoil is a concern, or adjust the length-of-pull for a custom fit. Lengthen the barrel for a long-range tack-driver, or shorten it and add open-sights for a handy brush gun. With premium components at the heart of this rifle, you can be sure of your shot when you’re in your backyard tree-stand, or half-way around the world.

When the Model 48 Custom Sporter was introduced in 2006, it was only available in one cartridge chambering, the 270 WSM. The hand-laid Kevlar® and carbon fiber stock was finished in a speckled "Onyx Gray" color, while the metal work was finished in a non-reflective Slate Gray Cerakote®. Over the years that followed, the cartridge offerings were expanded to include a great number of cartridges ranging from the 22-250 Rem to the 35 Whelen. In 2012 the  rifle shed it's "Sporter" designation, and was expanded to include a number of custom options and new cartridges, for the opportunity to create your own specially built Nosler rifle. The rifle is now available with more options than ever, as well as the ability to have the rifle assembled in a package complete with top-of-the-line optics and shooting accessories. Also available are a number of rifle packages that we have assembled to suit various hunting conditions and environments, in the most popular and well-suited cartridge chamberings for each respective package.


Custom Rifle
Action Model 48 Blueprinted Action / 3 -Position Side Mounted Rocker Safety
Stock Glass & Pillar Stock Bedding / 1" Recoil Pad / Standard QD Sling Swivel Studs
Metal Coating Cerakote All-Weather Protective Metal Coating
Barrel Premium Match Grade Barrel / 11 degree Recessed Target Muzzle Crown / Free Floating
Trigger Hand Adjusted 3 lb Trigger Pull
Other Additions Guaranteed 3/4” or better 3-shot groups at 100 yards with prescribed Nosler® ammunition* / *Belted Magnum and cartridges 35 cal. and larger carry a sub M.O.A. 3 shot, 100 yard accuracy guarantee